Protecting you
and your new home

Specification & Guarantee at Juliff homes

Energy Efficiency

Our homes are built to maximise energy efficiency and meet the current building legislation and requirements.
We install the latest central heating systems and appliances, boast excellent loft and wall insulation and Part Q rated energy efficient double glazing.



All of our properties are covered by a National House-Building Council (NHBC) Buildmark Warranty.
NHBC warranty cover is for 10 years, the first 2 years are covered by Juliff Homes (general maintenance) and the remaining 8 years are covered by NHBC (major structural only). If you have any queries please contact NHBC



–  The warranty provides a guarantee that runs for a 10 year period and will cover any major structural defects to your home. During the first two years Juliff Homes will be on hand to assist you with any issues.

–  All kitchen appliances in the property are not covered under this warranty, however they will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Please take the time to register your appliances directly with the manufacturer shortly after moving into your new home.

–  Boiler systems are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty but must be serviced annually in accordance with their recommendations.

–  All defects should be put in writing to our Head Office either via email or post which they will receive our urgent attention.